personalised kids suitcase

Personalised Kids Suitcase

Regular Price: £100.00

Special Price £95.00

Personalised Kids Suitcase, lightweight with 8 wheels

Regular Price: £100.00

Special Price £95.00

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Get the kids even more excited with their own personalised kids suitcase!

Great for all travellers, Cabin friendly, including TSA locks!

✓ 100% Free UK Delivery
✓ Includes TSA Lock
✓ Cabin Friendly

Dimensions: 43cm x 29cm x 20cm
Wheels: x8 - 360 degree wheels
Weight: Lightweight
Capacity: 29L
Design: Upload Your Own

Case Type Size Capacity / Case Weight Cabin Friendly
Small Case - Click here 56cm x 23cm x 36cm 52L / 3.4kg ✓ Cabin Friendly
Medium Case - Click here 68cm x 26cm x 45cm 80L / 4.1kg ✓ Cabin Friendly
Large Case - Click here 78cm x 28cm x 52cm 52L / 5kg ✓ Cabin Friendly
Business Case - Click here 42cm x 46cm x 22cm 32L / 2.8kg ✓ Cabin Friendly
Kids Case - Click here 43cm x 29cm x 20cm 29L / 2.1kg ✓ Cabin Friendly
Backpack - Click here 41cm x 16cm x 29cm 19L / 1.1kg ✓ Cabin Friendly


Video Tutorial for Personalised Kids Suitcase


How to use the 3D Design platform.

First step you need to click personalise. This will bring up the Personalised Medium Suitcase with the design platform. If you are using a computer, you can click and drag the mouse to view it in 3D, if you are using your mobile phone, you can do this by holding down your finger.

 If you like (optional) you can now add text by typing in what you want in the Add Text field. You can then select your font, font size and colour.

Now you can add a picture to your Personalised Medium Suitcase! Press Add Images. You can select one image to add, or add a number of images, for the best design view, I recommend one image. But it is down to your preference. Press Add Image, it will state the following: Add your image. Where would you like to add an image from? You can select your media such as computer, laptop, phone, social media like Facebook plus more.

Once you have selected your image you can move the Personalised Medium Suitcase in the 3D view to see how it has been placed, if you do not like it, you can change the size and rotate this image, by using the tools under the Add Image button, some images may not work well, so I recommend just uploading a new picture to try.

When you have finished and happy with the product, you can then add to cart if you would like to proceed to buying the final product.

What is a Suitcase and why do i need one?
Suitecases are great for travling, putting your clothes and items in a suitecase to keep them together and safe.
You can find out more here.


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