Orders and Returns

You are able to access DesignPrintShop.co.uk 24 hours a day 7 days a week, this gives you the ability to place orders at your own convenience.

Once you have ordered, you will get automated emails regarding your orders progress.

Even though Design Print Shop tries its best to provide you with high quality products, time to time you may be unsatisfied with the product, You have 14 days regarding any complaints, after 14 days we are no longer abridged to take any action, we will always try to find out what the issue was, and how it can be resolved, as keeping the customer happy is important to Deign Print Shop.

This includes damaged products, products quantity missing and products not working as stated on the Design Print Shop website. We can only accept this within the time period stated.

Please Note: We are not responsible for any mistakes within your artwork. Once you have finished your Approved Design and it has been sent to us to print, we are not liable for any bad picture quality that you have provided and we are not liable for any spelling mistakes. We are unable to refund or reprint any Design that you have provided with bad picture quality, the wrong colour selected or spelling mistakes.