Charlotte Huggins Shirt

Charlotte Huggins Shirt

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Charlotte Huggins Shirt

Please note:

Profit from these shirts will be donated to Charlotte Huggins daughter.
More details below...

Shirts are £10 each. You also have an additional option to donate more
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Charlotte Huggins Shirt


Brand: Fruit Of The Loom
Material: Cotton
Printed by: Design Print Shop LTD
Sizes: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL
Colour: White

Charlotte Huggins 33 
Charlotte was a 33 year old mother. She was very out going, funny and a great mother!

Sadley on New Years Day at aproxmitly 4:20am at John Ruskin Street.
Charlottes life was taken from her, leaving her family, friends and 10 year old daughter behind.

Her daughter has lost her mother and best friend.
We are trying to raise money to help support Charlottes Huggins daughter, for her future and to support her maternal family.


Charlotte Huggins Shirt
Charlotte Huggins Possitive New Years Message

"Wishing all a healthy Happy 2019. Love us"

“If you went through a hard time
please accept that the adversity was
only there for you to spring into a new
life. The pain from that moment may
never leave but the joy and bliss of a
new one can always come in.
Remember, you are the most
important piece of life. Queens don’t
stay hunched over for long. Queen don’t
stay hunched over for long. You’ll
bounce back.” @Sylvestermcnutt




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