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Close image of pixels


A pixel is a digital measurement on screen. 1000s of pixels all different colours can make up an image you see on the screen.
A great way to see an example of a pixel is by finding a image,
(For this test we recommend an old image, maybe taken from an old phone)

If you then zoom in to that image as much as you can, you will start to see little colours squares,
these are pixels that make up that picture. But these pixels are viewable as you are zooming in.
This examples what a pixel is up close but not its correct measurement.

Pixel measurements are very micro. We have provided a table so you can see the measurement scale of a pixel.



  Measurements    Pixel
  0.1 Millimeter   0.37795275590551 pixel
  1 Millimeter   3.7795275590551 pixel
  1 Centimeter   37.795275590551 pixel


Px is short for pixel. Normally on design programs, or on websites. It will state px instead of pixel.