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Understanding A5 Paper Size and A4 Paper Size.

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What size is A5: 14.8cm X 21.0cm








It is very common not to have an understanding on what is A5 and what is A4.
We have put this article together to help you learn the difference.
The most basic way to explain what an A5 sheet of paper is:

  • A5 piece of paper is half of A4.

But what is A4? The most basic way to explain what an A4 sheet of paper is:

  • A4 piece of paper is normally the standard sized letter you get in the post. (A standard sized piece of paper).

A5 paper is commonly known as a flyer or leaflet. It can be used for advertisement what is highly recommended for business.
It can also be used for large invitation and if put together makes great sized notebooks!

Photoshop tutorial on how to set A5.

  1. If you are in Photoshop, click on File > New.

    File > New

  2. On a pop up you will see Name, Call this A5

    Change the Width to 1748 (Do not put a comer)
    Change the Height to 2480 (Do not put a comer)
    Please note, you can change the width and height to a preferred measurement,
    if so please view the table at the bottom of this page to see the different A5 Paper Sizes
    for pixels, millimetres, centimetres and inches. I kept this as pixels as it is a standard default on Photoshop,
    and makes it easier for you to insert the measurements, 

    Change the Resolution to 300 (Recommended for printing)
    Click Save Preset...

    On Pop Up

  3. This will now bring up a popup called New Document Preset,
    Rename the Preset Name to something that will help you remember that this is an A5 Size for example:
    A5 Template, A5 Flyer Size or A5 Paper Size. Once renamed,
    Press OK


  4. Now it will take you to the original popup.
    On Preset select the dropdown menu. And select the name you gave it in this example A5 Template. 
    Now for the great new!
    Anytime you want to create a new A5 Flyer or just design something new that’s A5 paper sized.
    This Preset will always now be there, so you will not need to set all this up ever again for A5!

    Preset image

  5. Press OK



Other Useful Measurements for A5 Paper Size.

Size Pixel (px)

Millimetres (mm)

Centimetres (cm)

Inches (")

A4  2480px x 3508px  210mm x 297mm  21cm x 29.7cm  8.268" x 11.693"
A5  1748px x 2480px  148mm x 210mm  14.8cm x 21cm  5.827" x 8.268"
A6  1,240px x 1,748px  105mm x 148mm  10.5cm x 14.8cm  4.134" x 5.827"

This table shows the sizes of A4 Paper, A5 Paper and A6 Paper (A6 is half of A5).
It contains four different measurements, Pixels, Millimetres, Centimetres and Inches.