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image of a ladt using a mug

As silly as it sounds, we did a survey and approximately 47% of the 100 people we asked do not know how to use a mug!
Or are unable to drink out of a mug or cup without spilling it, or eventually breaking it.

Please note that the picture is a great example of how you should not drink out of a mug,
this is a prime way of how you can burn your self. If you decide this method please remember to make sure it is not hot!



  1. Get your mug and make sure it is clean before using.
  2. Pour the liquid in to the mug slowly, if it is a hot beverage you will need to boil the liquid first in a kettle or saucepan, but if boiled be extra careful.
  3. Some liquids may require you to add milk, cream or remove a tea bag.
  4. Stir carefully to try to prevent spillages.
  5. Hold the mug with your strongest hand be handle.
  6. Slowly bring the mug to your lips, place your bottom lip out a fraction, placing it in front of the mugs tip (where the liquid will come out, also try with a cold drink before moving on to a hot beverage to prevent any injury).
  7. Slowly and slightly tilt the mug towards you, why also placing your top lip over the tip of the mug giving your mouth an approximate 1cm gap, do this until you feel the liquid on your top lip.
  8. Now you are ready to consume the liquid from the mug.
  9. Slowly and gently tilt towards you more, so the liquid is entering your mouth, why you also slowly and gently suck in, warning do not over load your mouth with the liquid.
  10. Once you have approximately a quarter of your mouth filled, start tipping back the mug to its original position and slowly take your lips away to your original position.
  11. And swallow.
  12. Once you are more advance and confident, you may start doing this with hot beverages, its important your remember to let your hot beverage cool down first, also when drinking a hot beverage you will need to do as stated above in a fast motion to prevent your lips from burning.

All said and done. The big question is how do you make your Tea? One of the UKs biggest common arguements!