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Ever had a job where you have over 1000s of rows in Excel, but want to remove some empty rows?
This great tip can save you a lot of time!

Video tutorial and step by step instructions included


Step By Step: How to delete empty rows or cell in excel

  1.  First select all the cells. (With content in only, otherwise work can be lost)
  2. Press 'F5' located on the keyboard.
  3. This will then bring a popup called "Go To". Press 'Special'
  4. Press 'Blanks' (This should be the 4th down.
  5. Press 'OK' this will then high light all the empty cells.
  6. Make sure you are on the Home table. And select the 'Delete' option under Cells.
  7. Then select 'Delete Cell'.
  8. A new pop will appear called Delete. Select 'Entire Row'. (This should be 3rd down).
  9. Press 'OK'. You’re done!

This is very useful for big jobs, if you only have a small document alternatively you can select the number
of the row you want to delete by right clicking the number, then selecting Delete. Very simple!


Video Tutorial by Design Print Shop.