Image of a DJ with a DJ Slipmat


What is a DJ Slipmat?

 A Slipmat is what goes on top of a turntable to protect a vinyl that is placed on to the turntable.
Slipmats are great for DJs as the slide from the slipmat helps DJs to pull a vinyl back.

Some turntables have Rubber Mats for protection, this is normally found on home record players.
Obviously due to the rubber on home turntables/record players, the vinyl cannot be easily pulled back
as a DJ can do with a slipmat. Using in rubber the style of a DJ can also cause damage to your turntable
in the long run, as the grip of rubber also grips the plate on the spinning turntable that will cause friction.


What are DJ Slipmats made of?

 DJ Slipmats are made of a fabric that easily slides the vinyl when DJs slip-cue records.
Some Vinyl Slipmats are made of the polyester felt fibres,
making this a print friendly product. Great for promotion and great for making DJs stand out!


Who invented the DJ Slipmat?

 As stated by wikipedia. DJ Slipmats was invented by Grandmaster Flash who was a Hip-Hop pioneer!
Grandmaster Flash invented the DJ Slipmat to try and help slide the vinyl back or hold in place, without
causing no friction why on a moving turntable. Also the DJ Slipmat was invented to improve sound.
Grandmaster Flash originally called the DJ Slipmat a wafer, named after the wafer he used to get in church on easter. 


Why print on a DJ Slipmat?

Printing on a DJ slipmat has a number of advantages as listed!

  1. Looks more professional.
  2. Great for promotion.
  3. Makes a club, bar or DJ stand out.
  4. Unique style.

If you have a Design, image or logo you want to print on a DJ Slipmat, you can easily do this by
uploading it to our DJ Slipmat product that also has text option.

For more information on how to make your own personalised DJ Vinyl Slipmat
Watch this video.