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Google: Bloggers beware!
Follow these 3 steps to understand dofollow links in blogs.



As you may already know, Design Print Shop Limited is a company that loves to help other people and businesses grow.
We do this by offering them advice, new ideas and information.

With this in mind I decided to write this important step-by-step guide to understanding dofollow links,
in the hope that it may help others.

This guide is aimed at owners of blogging companies, businesses, people who blog in their spare time and bloggers who do gift guides and reviews.

The information in this article has been resourced from the Prince’s Trust and Richman SEO Training. You can also see this referenced in this google support article.

What is this article about:

This article aims to inform bloggers about the risks of dofollow links and show how to use them appropriately to prevent penalisation from Google.

I have found a number of other articles and blogs on google about dofollow links, but have not found them to be helpful and was unclear. So hopefully this article will help you understand dofollow links.

What is a dofollow link:-

3 Steps to understand dofollow links in blogs

A dofollow link is a link on a website which tells google, “Hey, I have written some relevant content, I have added a link in this content, follow this link that’s relevant to the content, give them some google authority, what is alternatively called, "link love" and help their online presence grow as well as mine.” (This doesn't lower your domain ranking DR).

You may be thinking that having the relevant product reviewed, then linked with a dofollow link to that product sounds relevant, but in most cases it actually isn't! And I will explain why in the steps below titled 3 Steps to understanding links in blogs.

What is a nofollow link:-

3 Steps to understand dofollow links in blogs

A no follow link is a link which basically tells Google "Stop, this link doesn't need to be followed as it is irrelevant or it shouldn't really be there" (For example someone may of added a link in to a comment section).

Regardless of the fact that it is a nofollow link, visitors to the website can still click the link and view the webpage it is linked to. Nofollow links work the same as dofollow links for site visitors, they both only matter to search engines.



3 Steps to understand dofollow links in blogs...


1. Buying a product:-

DO: If you purchase a product and you are happy with that product, and want to write about it, you are free to do so! But you can also add a dofollow link to that product or the company you purchased it from! This is fine as long as it is lagit!

DON’T: Don't miss out the basic information that states that this was a genuine purchase.

2. Taking payments:-

DO: If you are taking payments to review a product, if adding a link to that product, it must be a nofollow link. (Click here to find out more on how to create a nofollow link)

DON’T: If you are taking payment to review a product, do not add a dofollow link, google looks at this as people or companies trying to manipulate links to their website and will eventually penalise both websites.

3. Gifts (Including free examples):-

DO: This is basically the same as taking a payment! If you are receiving a gift to write a review on a product or a free sample to write a review on a product, The link must be a nofollow link.

DON’T: If you receive any form of a gift or sample, you must not provide a dofollow link.



More information bloggers may not know!

Shocking more info

On top of these important factors, bloggers are also meant to disclaim how they received the product they are writing about, as follows

  • A genuine purchase.
  • A Sample given.
  • A Gift.
  • A Sample that will be sent back.

I recently learned that this is also a requirement from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA),
From Elle at – Keep it simpElle.
So hope this extra bit of information also helps you!

For one last sum up, when reviewing a product, if you have been paid for it, or given a gift or free sample, it must be a nofollow link!

If you are writing about a product that you paid for and just love, a dofollow is completely fine!

Google is a highly advanced system with high advance programming that can recognise patterns from pages, and content viewing,
google will find out and penalise both the company and the bloggers website.

Dofollow links are for relevant content and information!

A lot of bloggers still give dofollow links when accepting gifts, free samples or payment. Please help them and prevent them from getting penalised by google! Please share this article on your social media and in your blog posts to get the message across!

I hope this has now helped you understand do follow links and nofollow links.